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We offer reliable and cost effective services with flexibility of choice to select what best suits your requirement. You can choose from suggested engagement models below or just let us know how you would like to avail our services. We will be happy to discuss and work out a customized package for you.

Project based hiring: We offer project based services where our team will work out complete project deliverables, cost and time lines based on your requirements. This gives you great control over your project costs and time line in advance averting the risk of cost over runs later.

Dedicated hiring: This option is great if you have a long term out sourcing needs or multiple projects and need dedicated man power to work as part of your team instead of paying per project.

Flexi hiring: If you need multiple services and don’t think that project based or dedicated hiring would work for you, you can purchase services by the hour and create a custom plan on how to utilise your purchased hours.

Off Shore Centre: Establishing an off shore centre in India can be very cost effective but also challenging. We offer our services to help you establish an off shore centre in India.

Privacy Protection: We exercise due diligence and care to protect intellectual property and any proprietary information furnished by our clients on a confidential basis. We are open to signing a non-disclosure agreement or a non-compete agreement as required.

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